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Creating optimal movement through Chiropractic Treatments for clients in the Dunbar, Kerrisdale, Point Grey, Kitsilano, UBC areas:

  • Active Release Technique (ART)

  • Kinesiotaping

  • Bionomics

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Main Location:  #202 3641 west 29th Ave. at Mark Finch & Assoc. (Dunbar Area)

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A few factoids from my Curriculum Vitae:

  • University of Calgary: Bachelor of Science with distinction, 1994
  • Western States Chiropractic College: Suma Cum Laude, 1997
  • Business Development/Owner: multi-disciplinary practice, Calgary Alberta 1997-2005
  • Leadership: established foundations and initial execution of a bio-psycho-social prospective study for active Marines, San Diego, CA
  • Volunteer Radio Show Producer: Vancouver Coop Radio, Beautiful Minds Radio: de-stigmatizing mental illness.
  • Current: chiropractic practice at Life Chiropractic, Vancouver West Side

Now that the ‘look at me’ list is out of the way, I’d like to utilize the powerful communication tool of stories for understanding a person. Through my Neuroscience studies I know the brain remembers stories more than facts.

Patterns can be elucidated in one’s history. My healthcare background started in childhood. My visionary, dreamy, quirky father was raised on a prairie farm and exposed his five children to all things ‘natural’ in the 70’s: chiropractic, reflexology, color therapy (green for healing), Paul Bragg products , ‘deep breathing’ exercises (looked suspiciously like yoga sun salutations), buckwheat spaghetti, setting intentions, ETC. I remember falling asleep, around age 10 at “Xeosus” personal growth seminars. I had no idea what it meant. In my teen years I listened but rolled my eyes and often voiced my skepticism.

My mother smoked (youth culture of the sixties) but was supportive of my dad’s new age ideas, including the home-made, alien-looking solar device that heated our hot water tank. My mother had her finger on the pulse of 70’s trends: casseroles made with canned soups (most notable mushroom soup), jellied salads, and she sported the latest fashion of paisley orange/green wide-legged pantsuits. Fortunately, our diet was heavily supplemented with fresh food from the family farm.

My brother was 14 months younger and born three months pre-mature. His medical needs were extensive and our close age proximity meant that I was dragged to countless allopathic and natural medical offices. I have clear memories of the Calgary Children’s hospital and hearing aid specialists. I started my healthcare career with the empirical path of Nursing and Neuroscience and ended up with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. This childhood house of duality formed the foundations of my current healthcare perspective.

I bridge the gap between allopathic and natural medicine. To facilitate my role as a health and wellness advocate I have established connections with a wide range of practitioners in the community.

I hope to provide quirky stories about my journey and interests through my blog, stay tuned.  More serious career facts can be found on my LinkedIn Profile.