Fall into Change

“And Nothing is Quite as Sure as Change”  The Mamas and Papas Starting October 1, 2016 I will be providing Chiropractic Services out of Mark Finch & Assoc. in Dunbar area of Vancouver. #202 3641 West 29th Ave, Vancouver, BC,… Read more »

Heart Health Screening

I have partnered with CVED (Community Through the Value of early Detection) to bring FREE Digital Pulsewave Analysis to my practice on Monday August 15th from 9-12 AM.  Phone 604-742-0702 to reserve a 20 minute spot. Heart disease may be… Read more »


As a member the Health and Lifestyle Power Team at Grand Fortune City Chapter of Business Network International (BNI),  I’ve made a contribution to the Father’s Day Gift Box draw.  Click on this blog to get all the details.

Chiropractic for Lower Stress, Higher Success

Chiropractic treatments ultimately influence a person’s ability to maintain good posture. The previous post explained how chiropractic treatment creates joint movement, stretches tissues, and stimulates the nervous system.  All these aspects are required to achieve ideal posture positions. Amy Cuddy… Read more »

Movin’ with Chiropractic Treatment

The most simplistic explanation of chiropractic is: the restoration of joint movement. The application of chiropractic treatment also influences the function of the muscle that moves the joint, the tissues that support the joint, and the nervous system that operates… Read more »