Heart Health Screening

I have partnered with CVED (Community Through the Value of early Detection) to bring FREE Digital Pulsewave Analysis to my practice on Monday August 15th from 9-12 AM.  Phone 604-742-0702 to reserve a 20 minute spot.

Heart disease may be a silent killer responsible for more deaths than any other condition, but it does’nt have to be. With the intention of prevention, Shawn Zemla, a Holistic Practitioner will use a FDA approved mobile device to provide a snapshot of arterial health with seven in-depth tests in one minute. The tests will be followed up with Holistic practitioner recommendations.

From a chiropractic perspective a healthy heart and circulation means that adequate nutrition and oxygen is being delivered to tissues like muscle, bone/joint, and nerves (including the brain).  The success of chiropractic treatments are often dependent on a person’s other systems to be healthy participants.

As a primary portal of healthcare I consider myself a “Wellness Advocate” and seek out colleagues, professionals, services, and information for my patients on their journey to healthy living.