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Creating optimal movement through Chiropractic Treatments for clients in the Dunbar, Kerrisdale, Point Grey, Kitsilano, UBC areas:

  • Active Release Technique (ART)

  • Kinesiotaping

  • Bionomics

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Main Location:  #202 3641 west 29th Ave. at Mark Finch & Assoc. (Dunbar Area)

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A few factoids from my Curriculum Vitae:

  • University of Calgary: Bachelor of Science with distinction, 1994
  • Western States Chiropractic College: Suma Cum Laude, 1997
  • Business Development/Owner: multi-disciplinary practice, Calgary Alberta 1997-2005
  • Leadership: established foundations and initial execution of a bio-psycho-social prospective study for active Marines, San Diego, CA
  • Volunteer Radio Show Producer: Vancouver Coop Radio, Beautiful Minds Radio: de-stigmatizing mental illness.

Now that the ‘look at me’ list is out of the way, I’d like to utilize the powerful communication tool of stories for understanding a person. Through my Neuroscience studies I know the brain remembers stories more than facts.

Patterns can be elucidated in one’s history. My healthcare background started in childhood. My visionary, dreamy, quirky father was raised on a prairie farm and exposed his five children to all things ‘natural’ in the 70’s: chiropractic, reflexology, color therapy (green for healing), Paul Bragg products , ‘deep breathing’ exercises (looked suspiciously like yoga sun salutations), buckwheat spaghetti, setting intentions, ETC. I remember falling asleep, around age 10 at “Xeosus” personal growth seminars. I had no idea what it meant. In my teen years I listened but rolled my eyes and often voiced my skepticism.

My mother smoked (youth culture of the sixties) but was supportive of my dad’s new age ideas, including the home-made, alien-looking solar device that heated our hot water tank. My mother had her finger on the pulse of 70’s trends: casseroles made with canned soups (most notable mushroom soup), jellied salads, and she sported the latest fashion of paisley orange/green wide-legged pantsuits. Fortunately, our diet was heavily supplemented with fresh food from the family farm.

My brother was 14 months younger and born three months pre-mature. His medical needs were extensive and our close age proximity meant that I was dragged to countless allopathic and natural medical offices. I have clear memories of the Calgary Children’s hospital and hearing aid specialists. I started my healthcare career with the empirical path of Nursing and Neuroscience and ended up with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. This childhood house of duality formed the foundations of my current healthcare perspective.

I bridge the gap between allopathic and natural medicine. To facilitate my role as a health and wellness advocate I have established connections with a wide range of practitioners in the community.

I hope to provide quirky stories about my journey and interests through my blog, stay tuned.  More serious career facts can be found on my LinkedIn Profile.