Movin’ with Chiropractic Treatment

The most simplistic explanation of chiropractic is: the restoration of joint movement. The application of chiropractic treatment also influences the function of the muscle that moves the joint, the tissues that support the joint, and the nervous system that operates the joint.

What this means for health promotion is that maintenance of joint movement keeps the joint healthy, promotes circulation in the area, stimulates the nervous system, and maintains function of the muscles and tissues related to the joint.

Joints lose movement for various reasons including: injury, repetitive movement, static postures (sitting at a computer), habitual movement or holding patterns (includes emotional habits).

In a recent lecture by Dr. Heather Mackay, Director of the Center for Hip Health and Mobility in Vancouver , BC, she listed four areas: Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and lack of mobility. The category with the greatest health consequence was – wait for it – lack of mobility! This is very meaningful for chiropractic’s role in health promotion and disease prevention.